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Cooking Basics – Salad Dressing

Do you LOVE a big crunchy salad as much as I do? I’ve had multiple coworkers at different companies refer to me as “Salad Girl” because of my propensity to bring them for lunch every day. It was a nickname I wore proudly.

Just as important as the salad components is the dressing. It ties all the flavors, textures, and colors together and brings the salad to life. There are a million types of dressing available at the grocery, but they tend to come with preservatives, chemicals and other ingredients that are probably left either off your plate completely or minimally consumed.

Never fear, making your own dressing is extremely easy and almost as low maintenance as buying it pre-made at the store.

This video will teach you the 5 essential elements to any salad dressing and give you a basic vinaigrette recipe that can serve as a template to get you started. From there, the world is your oyster, so get inspired and get dressed!

Cooking Basics – Salad Dressing

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