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Aspire to find your Sparkle

What is SPARKLE?

And how do I find mine?

Sparkle is the light in your eyes when you feel excited about something. It's your inner mermaid, superhero, unicorn, goddess, witch, sorcerous, fairy, or sprite. Sparkle guides you forward on your life's path. It's an inner glow that no challenge, setback, or person can ever stamp out. Sparkle is glee, inspiration, drive, giddiness, passion, fun, whimsy, and heart. Sparkle is the light inside of you that is as perfect today as the day you were born. It is always present within and always available to you if you allow it to radiate and shine for the world to see. And when you let your sparkle shine, you not only feel whole, you also share the much-needed gift of YOU with the world.

Accessing your sparkle comes from knowing and listening to yourself. It means giving your body what it needs, physically, spiritually, and mentally, from rest, to play, to nourishing foods. It involves creating a safe place to explore, learn, and grow with that inner magic that is you.

Our work together will help you tap into your sparkle. Together we will craft a magic potion that is uniquely tailored to your current situation and where you want to go. That might involve new healthy habits around meals, movement, mindset, me-time, and motivation; what I call the M's of wellness. Tapping into your sparkle involves effort and possibly some growing pains but the end result is worth it! You will be CALM, CENTERED, and CONFIDENT. Those around you will say, "Wow, she really sparkles!"

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Calm is knowing how to take the “edge off” so you can be at your best in times of ease and times of pressure. You know who you are and how to go after what you want, set boundaries, and make choices that put you first yet leave you ready to share your sparkle with the world.

Calm involves more than taking a deep breath (although that’s part of it!). It’s a feeling of peace and security that radiates from within. Calm involves a physical practice including nourishing yourself with good food and plenty of movement. It is also about recognizing which thoughts and instincts help us and those we are ready to let go of.

Our work together will give you the tools and help you find the time to fill up your cup so that you can bring your brightest and best self to the party called life.

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Centered is physical, spiritual, and emotional equilibrium. Having a strong relationship with your authentic self and assurance that you’re on the right path. It’s the ability to accept that we all go through good and bad experiences in life and be equipped with tools to help you feel grounded and balanced when times are tough. 

Being centered involves a consistent wellness routine. Learn which healthy habits will help you get centered and how to incorporate them into your busy life. Discover what triggers can knock you off course, how to get back on track quickly, and embrace with humility and gratitude that life is always happening for you, not to you.

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Confidence is feeling sure of yourself and your abilities. It’s a quiet inner knowing that you are capable, worthy, and able to journey through life’s experiences (even the unfun ones) with a sense of “Yes, I CAN”. You're ready for new opportunities and failure does not defeat you. Confidence comes from getting to know and love your true self as well as witnessing your progress as you build new habits and practice new skills.

The heart of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify your core body, mind, and spirit challenges so that you can overcome them and build confidence. From there you'll be able to fully embrace your inner sparkle and start living a happier and healthier life.

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The Magical M's of Wellness

True wellness, regardless of your goal, requires some attention to each of these 5 key areas. These are ingredients that make up your unique potion for optimal health. Our work together will touch on all of these beautiful M’s

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It all begins here. What and how you think dictates everything from self-esteem, motivation to get through the tough times, and the inspiration to actualize all your dreams and desires. 

Together we will help you create subtle mindset shifts that will make building healthy habits and tapping into your inner magic a whole lot more fun.


Our bodies were designed to move. Aspire to incorporate movement into your every day. It could be a yoga class, a morning walk or shaking your groove thang while you do the dishes. Together we will work on ways to make daily movement more accessible to you no matter where you are starting from or how much time you have in your day.

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Tapping into that unicorn magic starts with knowing the inner you. Who am I? What do I need? What do I want? What is uniquely amazing about me? It's giving yourself a moment to reset and recharge so you can re-emerge ready to share your best self with the world.


What we eat impacts everything including physical health, metabolism, immunity, mood, weight, sleep, energy, and more. Discover how to build a healthy relationship with food and eating, enjoy mealtimes, and create dishes that taste delicious and help you thrive without locking you in the kitchen all day.

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What inspires you to begin and what keeps you going, even when times are tough? As your coach, I'm here to keep you motivated, cheer you on, hold you accountable, and teach you how to build healthy routines you'll adopt for a lifetime.

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Ready to get started?

Let's build your magic kit. What do you aspire to today?

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Meet your sparkle guide

Hi I'm Amy

I wasn’t always a health coach and a yoga teacher. For more than a decade, I was an office-bound 9 to 5er, climbing the corporate ladder in a man’s world, long commutes, and longer work days. All while trying to maintain a healthy social life and battle depression. I’m all too familiar with being completely overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed out, and a little on the chunky side.

I sampled all the usual coping techniques including stress eating (so much cheese!), binge drinking (and wine!), burning the candle at both ends, and plenty of negative self-talk. None of which got me anywhere near the state of zen I so desperately sought. As I joined the over 40 club, lost my mom and received a diagnosis of overactive hormones, the weight also began to pile on.

Over many years of healing, and training in nutrition, movement, and mindfulness, I’ve adopted new techniques and coping mechanisms that actually cultivate calm and joy even when faced with a complete firestorm. A new way of living that has transformed my body and mind to match my true beauty within. I would love to share my knowledge with you and guide you on your journey to finding more energy, losing weight, and living your best and happiest life!


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